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Google's Mobile First Indexing Built Into Groovepages? 

The term "funnel" isn't a new marketing term in online sales. It describes a "funnel of information" that inspires people to visit your website and take some form of desired action (such as buying one of your products or reading one of your articles).

Groovefunnels is one of the premier software platforms in the industry, capitalizing on the principle of funnels as a way to convert readers and shoppers into fans and customers.

As the #1 funnel building program online, the Groovefunnels platform sits alone in a very specialized field.

Few other website builders give you the built-in functionality that Groovefunnels implements in order to help you capture those all-important funnels and usher in new successes for your content or business products.

It's also the chief builder out there that acknowledges the mobile first indexing reality of our times.

How many websites today aren't ranking at all on either version of their site because the builder they used didn't even implement mobile first indexing technology?

The answer is: a lot. In fact, Groovefunnels is one of the few platforms that even uses this technology at all; it's also the best at using this knowledge and helping you build a site that ranks.

Don't mistake Groovefunnels for just an innovator of the mobile first indexing movement, though.

They also offer up an amazingly healthy amount of other page-building & marketing features like:

  • 1-Click features

  • Built-in video marketing

  • Free hosting on all sites created

  • Free SSL certificate on all sites created

  • Extremely fast page load speed (google loves this)

  • Groovemail 

  • GrooveBlog

  • Groovemember

  • Groovewebinars

  • And much more...

  • Virtually a One-stop shop for all business needs, including mobile first indexing.

    GrooveFunnels Platform is a Finely Tuned Machine

    Like any good platform that's built for the entirety of the human business world, the Groovefunnels platform is pure simplicity for users and pure genius on the technical side of things.

    There's a lot underneath the hood of this finely tuned machine.

    Mobile First Indexing Basics

    *Important...Also relatively new in website building and marketing is the Google concept of "mobile first indexing." In recent years, people have switched the way that they consume Internet content.

    In the old days, people browsed the web primarily from larger screens and resolutions like those found on a home desktop.

    Because of this, designers usually designed the content at first for full-fledged, full-featured web browsers.

    Even after the exodus to mobile platforms, designers tended to design for desktop first and then for mobile later.

    Times have changed!

    Groovefunnels is a software platform that mightily recognizes this switch to mobile-first devices.

    When people consume online content these days, they're usually using the sparser features of a mobile browser, not a full-featured desktop.

    As such, designers have had to make the switch to design for "mobile first." Search engines like Google have in-turn changed the way they index sites to cover mobile versions first instead of last.

    After all, most users these days are on mobile platforms.

    It's necessary to index those most popular, mobile versions first now.

    While the rest of the web and other site builders were slow to recognize this revolution, Groovefunnels practically invented the first "mobile first" mentality in web building design.

    They've done a fantastic job of capturing the vision of this principle and then implementing it in a way that makes website creators and business owners capable of building in this structure without having to know all the technical details of the method.

    Our focusing in on the mobile first indexing craze is necessary to understand why Groovefunnels is such an essential part to any successful business plan.

    If you have a product you want to sell online, Groovefunnels is going to be one of your ideal choices to consider.

    Their razor sharp grasp of mobile first indexing is perhaps the #1 reason to choose them.

    google's mobile first indexing

    How Mobile First Indexing Skyrockets Your Success

    Google's transition to mobile first indexing is a sign that they're working toward their always overwhelming goal of having just one index.

    They don't want to separate indexes for your content - for example, mobile and desktop - but just ONE index for your content that encompasses all of your information and products.

    It's easy to see why this would be the case. If you have a desktop version of your site that is identical to your mobile version, then you've done things the right way.

    That's exactly what search engines want. In fact, if your mobile site differs in content from your desktop site, you might not even rank for that particular content at all.

    Google wants everything to be uniform and tidy, not confusing for its users.

    By keeping your mobile content first in mind and the same as your desktop content, you're doing it the right way to be indexed first.

    In the past, you had to tell Google which of your versions you wanted to be indexed (for example, some might have picked mobile/secure or others might have picked desktop/secure).

    Well, those days are changing, as Google has decided to opt for the mobile versions of websites as their primary way of indexing.

    You can take a look at Google's Mobile First Indexing best practices 

    It's with this in mind that you should seriously consider Groovefunnels one of the premier success stories in online web page builders.

    They really get this part of their platform right from the get-go and increase your chances of ranking on top keywords you want to rank for.

    Whether you sell content or physical products, you'll find Groovefunnels easy to learn and master. It's the kind of platform that any novice can use.

    As long as you know your own content and products well, it takes care of the online indexing part of things for you.

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Groovefunnels Has the Most Complete Business Platform

As many people already know about Groovefunnels, it's likely you've heard of them. If you haven't, then it's worth noting that their platform is complete.

It's not just a one trick pony here.

You can easily sell a multitude of products, maintain a blog, and build your website in a way that immediately reaches out to grab those high search engine rankings.

SEO - or search engine optimization - can be what makes or breaks your business.

Whether you're selling shoes or online fiction, you've got to rank high on certain keywords in order to have your content discovered by web users.

Whether they're waiting for a train and browsing on their mobile phone or sitting down to a cup of coffee while using their desktop, online users are ready to buy at almost all times.

First, they must find your website, though.

Groovefunnels implemented all of their tools right into a single platform so that you can have everything you need in one place.

For example, every web page you build with Groovefunnels is going to include "mobile first indexing" as its underlying, chief principle for that page.

It's optimized so that when people search for your site, they're going to find that all-important mobile version on their phone, and Google is going to be satisfied that your site is using white hat SEO.

With each new page you build, your website is being optimized to rank high in mobile searches.

No matter what search engine the user is using, Groovefunnels is built to rank high in all of them. Those pages you're building don't have to be meticulously researched to rank high.

Groovefunnels did the SEO research so that you don't have to think too hard or waste time researching and learning SEO.

They tell you how to optimize your site as it goes along as you're building.

groovefunnels mobile first indexing

Why Mobile First Indexing is Vital for Your Website

So many other website builders and platforms out there simply leave off this elephant in the room of web design.

Older and less innovative web platforms simply assume that things haven't changed that much and that you can optimize for a desktop site and leave off mobile altogether; or worse yet, they believe you can do a mobile site second and then risk not ranking on either because, uh oh, now you've got duplicate content that differs just enough to be seen as duplicate content.

The recognition by Groovefunnels that times have changed and this is reality now has allowed them to get ahead of the competition and make a more powerful impression than other web build platforms.

Thousands of people sign up for Groovefunnels every single month because they know it's the #1 way to build funnels online and reach customers, but they also know that every single page, one by one, is going to have the "mobile first" indexing strategy built in.

You never have to go back and change anything or waste valuable time learning things your software should already know.

Building a site these days without mobile first principles built into every page is kind of like building a site with no SEO strategy.

Because so many people use mobile versions of websites these days - the average person spends over 2 hours on their phone everyday - leaving this vital part of the puzzle out is like destroying the whole puzzle.

Even the pieces that have fit in won't make a complete picture and make for missed opportunities.

How Mobile First Doesn't Mean Mobile Only

We know that mobile users aren't the only users in the world. There are still old time at home Internet browsers that need some love shown to them as well.

Mobile first doesn't mean mobile only. In fact, when it's implemented right, mobile first actually enhances your success on stationary, at-home browsers as well.

You'll rank well in all search results when you put the mobile version first and foremost.

Regular search engine optimization still needs attention, too, and that's why Groovefunnels is such an impressive program.

It emphasizes the most important things while still doing all of the little intangibles well.

The user interface is friendly and easy to learn and now for a limited time, you can get a "for life" account without a single credit card transaction.

That's right, it's free for now, and that's a chance to really sign up and get to know the program well without having to invest any of your hard earned dollars.

Business owners often know their industries and businesses well, but they don't know the first thing about SEO or mobile first indexing.

Well, in today's world with programs like Groovefunnels, you don't have to know the intricacies well.

You just have to go with a platform that you know is built for success. It's all automated for you so that success is built right into your interface.

Groovefunnels is far and away the best program of its kind for those who want something simple to use but heavy on features.

With so many different facets of funnels and marketing built right into the program, building your website literally means building your success one page at a time.

Groovefunnels builds every facet of marketing and indexing success right into the platform.


Start Building the Right Way with Groovefunnels

No business owner wants to go live online with a website that they realize is actually going to rank poorly. That's not in anyone's playbook.

However, there are millions of websites that will go live this year without any mobile strategy at all, much less a mobile first strategy.

They might throw in some incomplete elements of SEO and be in the ballgame without knowing it, but leaving the mobile first indexing technology off means that at the end of the day, that website will lose out to others that are built with Groovefunnels.

Don't let your business or online content go missing.

Groovefunnels is an amazingly simple way to shore up your success online.

With built-in SEO features, including mobile first indexing, you can be assured that every single page you're building is optimized for both mobile and non-mobile browsers.

And your sites are going to rank higher than those built without this vital piece of technology. Building a website without a platform like this is almost certain doom for any online venture.

For those who have used Groovefunnels, they can testify as to its effectiveness on mobile first indexing and hundreds of other important facets of building a search engine optimized business online.

With so many millions of businesses competing with each other these days, even on an international level, it is now commonplace to automate your SEO structure right into your website builder.

With sites like Groovefunnels, you're able to build your website from the ground up, a page at a time, always optimized for mobile indexing first.

And the best part is, you don't have to do years of tireless research like the folks at Groovefunnels did to learn all of this. It's just right there for you to benefit from in your easy website interface.

The official Groovefunnels website is the starting point of online success for so many future businesses.

If you want to have a strong presence online that becomes a mainstay with your audience, visiting Groovefunnels is your first step toward success online.

Going with any other program is definitely going to hinder your chances at making it big in this competitive online world.

Visit Groovefunnels today to take your first big, bold step toward winning over customers and completing sales at will.

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Mobile is still changing the world. Today, just about everyone has smartphones with them, constantly communicating and looking for information.

In a handful countries, the number of smartphones carriers has surpassed the number of personal computers; having a mobile-friendly website has become a critical part of having an online presence.

If you haven't made your website mobile-friendly, you should. The majority of users coming to your site are likely to be using a mobile device.

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